All of Karli Frigge's Sample Books The marbled paper factory of Karli Frigge started in 1963. By about 1979 the volume of trade was so great that it was necessary to send out the first sample card. That practice has now stopped; the last card was from 2000. The present book contains all 22 of the sample cards that she produced over the years. The volume contains an introduction by Dr. Sidney Berger, a paper historian and collector: 'The cards were meticulously composed, and are indeed fine historical artifacts in themselves, documenting the amazing range of work of one of the world's great marblers. It is a rare opportunity - and a great treat - to see what is essentially a complete review of her entire oeuvre. The book measures 44 x 22 cm (17 x 8 inches)oblong. It contains 349 original marbled samples; 310 samples of 7 1,2 x 1 3,8 inches and 39 samples of 7 1,2 x 3 inches. It is bound by Karli herself in marbled cloth, with a leather spine and laced leather thongs. The calligraphed title on the cover is done by hand.' Size: 44 x 22 cm oblong. Way of bounding: Leather spine and marbled cloth. (Sold out.)
Karli Frigge Lochemseweg 75, 7215 RA Joppe Nederland (0575) 49 41 11
Calligraphy: Evert van Dijk