MARBLED PAPERS BY KARLI FRIGGE 86 pp. An introduction in Dutch and English with 28 tipped-in samples 22 x 19,5 cm. Last night I dreamed about Judgement Day. Shorn of everything earthly, I was facing the Lord God, and He addressed me solemnly. ‘Karli, what did you do with your life?' I blushed and whispered proudly: ‘I marbled a hundred and thirty thousand sheets of paper, oh Lord.' ‘I see,' He replied. ‘And what is this marbling?' ‘Marbling, Lord?' I took a deep breath and saw a rainbow of wavy colors descend upon us; it made me feel warm. I thought of the polar lights and of the glow of sunset. Again I breathed deeply and exhaled with a sigh. ‘Marbling, Lord, marbling... I'll send you a sample card by the next post.' (Sold out) One hundred signed copies only - bound by Karli Frigge herself in full harness-leather with laced leather strips, after the old Dutch style of binding. The text on the binding has been scorched by hand. Size: 25 x 28 cm. Way of bounding: full harness-leather. (Sold out.)
Karli Frigge Lochemseweg 75, 7215 RA Joppe Nederland (0575) 49 41 11